Monday, May 9, 2016

Experts Lay Out a Vision for Future Assessments

Leslie Fox


Gewertz, C. (2010). Experts lay out a vision for future assessments. Education Week. Retrieved 
This article reflects the discussion of assessment changes by policy makers and educators.  A vision for a new way of assessing that calls for more analytical thinking and problem solving rather than rote memorization and would function as both summative and formative assessment. The panel was led by by Linda Darling-Hammond of Stanford University.


This article is helpful in better understanding how summative and formative assessments relate to the bigger picture and Common Core standards, which are discussed as "inadequate" yet "essential." Gewertz asserts that the future vision is to move away from multiple-choice tests toward "deeper, more analytical questions and projects that ask student to solve and discuss complex problems." Other topics touched on are the need for instructor preparedness and professional development, the price tag of improving assessment, and the idea that improved assessments play a better role in informing learning. 

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