Sunday, May 8, 2016

Teacher Librarian Cooperation...from 1937?

Alan Phelps
CO- Integrating TL into curriculum

Horton, M. (1937, June). Teacher librarian cooperation. Bulletin of the American Library Association. Retrieved from: 


This article looks at the relationship between the school librarian and the classroom teacher. Published in 1937 by the American Library Association, it lays out the role and importance of the school librarian in collaborating with teachers to optimize student learning. at that time. The article emphasizes the need for open and clear communication. Even at that time the librarian saw the need to "relate the catalog to actual situations" a student might find themselves in, both in the present and later in their lives. It also emphasizes the need for librarians to be familiar with course materials, important concepts, and basic knowledge in all curriculum areas. It also talks about the occasions when the need arises for librarians to conduct formal lessons in the library. 


Having been a long time high school history teacher  before becoming a TL I was intrigued by the title and date of this article. It caught my eye because of the "Teacher Librarian" title and the publication date. As I read it I quickly realized it was referring to the teacher and librarian as two different people not a TL, still it intrigued me. I found the article very interesting though and learned a lot about the role of librarians at that time and now I can see the TL as a natural progression of the school librarian, considering that already at that time, in some ways the librarian was already seen as a teacher, collaborating and deepening classroom learning, and even conducting lessons when the need arises. It was interesting also that at that time, according to the article, the librarian might advise a teacher not to teach something if there were not books in the library to support student learning. Overall, I found the article interesting and helped me put the role of the TL into historical perspective.

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