Thursday, August 10, 2017

How AI can enhance our memory, work, and social lives

Persinger, Danielle


Gruber, T. (2017). How AI can enhance our memory, work and social lives. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Retrieved from:

Tom Gruber, the co-creator of Siri, spends ten minutes discussing the future of learning and human interaction with Artificial Intelligence. This movement toward the future is not something to fear, rather it should be embraced. AI will offer new ways to perform our jobs and live our lives. Using AI in addition to humans, we can find 99.5% of cancerous cells, mitigate memory loss, and create infinite design ideas.

I'm a TED talks junkie. This video is fascinating and leaves me hopeful for the future. There are many ways we are already using AI to improve our lives and create a "super human" ability i.e. using Siri to remember deadlines and stay on track is a super human feat in my book. This technology will only continue to grow and I cannot help but be excited about the possibilities of increased equality opportunities.

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