Sunday, April 23, 2017

Enabling Inquiry Learning in Fixed Schedule: An Evidence-based Approach

Mulligan, Kristi
Stubeck, C.J. (2015).  Enabling inquiry learning in fixed-schedule:  An evidence-based       approach. Knowledge Quest, 43 (3). Retrieved from     =a13fbf00-0ae8-471a-ad35-62ea68311666%40sessionmgr102&vid=14&hid=125
Summary:  As is the case in many K-12 libraries, librarians must adhere to a fixed schedule for class lessons and meeting times.  This causes challenge when it comes to collaborating and co-teaching over a full unit of instruction.  This article addresses the trial and error of one middle school librarian as she sought to overcome the inherent problems of the fixed schedule and such collaborative efforts.  The author chronicles the evolution of a process that she has developed for her site.  She offers insights into problem solving and solutions that have worked for her.
Evaluation:  This is a challenge for many librarians.  I appreciate the honesty with which the author shares her successes and her failures.  I believe that collaboration with classroom teachers on long-term units provides innumerable benefits to students.  Therefore, the suggestions put forward in this article are a genuine assistance to anyone struggling with their own fixed schedules.

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