Sunday, April 9, 2017

Teaching Information Literacy Now

Kourtney Andrighetto


Gardner, L. (2016, November 28 ). Teaching information literacy now. Retrieved from

With the continuously changing information landscape and emerging technologies shaping how we communicate, the old methods of how teachers teach information literacy must adapt as well. This article, written by a middle school library media specialist, introduces possible strategies teacher librarians may add to their existing units on research and information literacy. The author outlines her traditional approach to teaching research at the beginning of the school year and introduces changes to the unit in order to address emerging technology trends and the ubiquity of social media. 

I chose to post this article because it addresses how librarians can get stuck in a rut teaching the same, old research unit without considering how information forms are changing, and thus, changing the user. User information seeking behaviors are rapidly evolving and users may grab the easiest source of information from a search without considering its credibility or reliability. This is especially true for students. Students must be taught how to properly search and question information in its various forms. 

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